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Viorela and Vintilă Mihăescu

have been sharing the same passions their entire life. They also share their studio, since 1973 - a large and bright space for painting, provided with all that is necessary for waving tapestries, which they also design and create together. In the beginning years, they created several works of monumental art together, at other times they have focused on specific genres such as oil painting, acrylic drawing, watercolors or computer art, while in the last years, they have been receiving many orders for religious art. They are present at nearly all major official exhibitions involving visual arts - painting, drawing and tapestry. Their works are part of private collections or featured in museums.

About Viorela

Viorela has a passion for watercolors, tapestry which she and her husband create together, as well as computer art and graphic design. She was born in Iaşi, Romania, and has always loved the mountains as well as traveling. In her student years, she received a scholarship in Italy and since then, she and her husband have visited most of Italy and France and have participated in numerous exhibitions in many cities all across those two countries.

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About Vintilă

Vintilă is passionate about drawing, painting, tapestry, monumental and religious art. He was born in Caracal, Romania. He's also very fond of history and traveling.

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